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Why to surf in the Landes ?

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Why to surf in the Landes ?

You've all wanted to try surfing, take surf lessons to
learn and perform or come and live in a region of France where there is good waves to get your teeth into and where life is good.
In this article, discover why surfing in the Landes with the personal opinion of a surfer who grew up in the Landes towns of Hossegor, Capbreton and Seignosse where the best waves in France and Europe are found.

1- Why the Landes?

2- Which cities to go in the Landes?

3- Extra advices what to do in the Landes.

1 - Why the Landes?

Les Landes is located in the southwest of France facing the Atlantic coast. The coast landais is 106 km long, associated with the Girondin coast, it forms the largest beach in fine European sand.

The orientation of the Landes coast is the most adequate to accommodate the swells of the Atlantic, the Gouf de Capbreton (a huge underwater fault) allows the swell to keep its speed and therefore form powerful and quality waves compared to the other waves from France.

We find there only white sand beaches, ideal for surfing without worry about getting hurt.
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The waves are long and break quietly which is ideal for evolving long on the wave and to start surfing easily while having fun.

The water is warm in the summer with the passage of the natural Golf Stream allowing surfers and swimmers to go into the water in swimsuits, which is not the case in

Portugal, for example, where you have to go in the water in a 3.2 wetsuit in summer and winter.

2 - Which cities to go in the Landes?

There are many towns bordering the Landes coast, all of which have large beaches with many surf spots.

I will advise you three cities, those where I had the chance to grow up Hossegor, Capbreton and Seignosse.
Santocha plage, surf Capbreton
There are the best surf spots in France, waves for all different surfer levels, from beginner to professional.

You should know that there are more than 80 surf schools in these three municipalities and that they hosted one of the most prestigious stages of the WSL world championships of surfing.

Depending on your surfing levels you can find waves that suit you on these three cities making it a paradise for surfers of all kinds.

I invite you to read my article about different surf spots in Hossegor in order to have more information about it. (Article: Where to surf to Hossegor).

3 - Extra advices what to do in the Landes.

Of course the Landes are a surfing paradise but not only....

We are proud of our gastronomic heritage and our breathtaking nature. breath.

I advise you all to discover in a local restaurant one day or else to buy foie gras, duck breast, heart of duck and wood-pigeon salmi. Do not hesitate to do markets and farms in neighboring towns a little further inland that's where you'll be find nuggets.

You should also know that with the development of surf culture, a multitude of emerging international restaurants bringing us superb exotic flavors. Of the restaurateurs who come from all over the world to live in our Landifornia to go surfing and enjoy this quiet idyllic corner of France without the stress of the city between pine dune and ocean.

Also take advantage of the splendid marine lake of Hossegor, where you can take a walk, bike tour on foot or running. You will find there the beach of the cork oaks as well as the White beach for swimming without the waves of the ocean ideal for families with baby and toddler. You will find restaurants and also huts where you can rent equipment for paddle board rides.
lighthouse Capbreton, lake Seignosse
Also discover the white ponds of Seignosse lost in the middle of the pines, it is ideal for recharge your batteries, enjoy a boat trip or a walk, have lunch and dinner by the the water at the Restaurant les roseaux which also offers boat rental, and finish the all by a fishing trip or a brave siesta under the pines.

Here is a small summary of the reasons that make me advise you to choose the Landes as a surfing destination.

You are welcome to our area.
I hope you like this article and i wish everyone a good continuation.

See you soon in the water.

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